The Worlds #1, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Concert Experience!


PURE PETTY @ the HARD ROCK Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA at 8pm!

230 W. Station Square Drive., Pittsburgh, PA 15219


“One of my favorite bands I ever had the pleasure and privilege of doing sound for was TOM PETTY, you guys really hit the mark ..congrats!”  - Janice

   “Close your eyes and you're at a Tom Petty concert!”       - Dusty

While we lost Tom Petty in 2017, his spirit, energy and sheer love of Rock & Roll live on in the performances of Pure Petty, which delivers the premier Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers experience. It's one that can make even die-hard fans feel like they are at an actual Tom Petty concert! - The Ardmore Music Hall

       “Pure Petty was not only the best band tonight…. you all were just all around awesome…. everything, the vocals, dynamics, song choice…. all of it……  great job!”                                      - George Almond    

       "Pure Petty is great!"  - Pete Bremy (Vanilla Fudge)

 “While streaming a Pure Petty concert on Facebook live feed, a post comment was made on the live feed stating that the band was lip syncing to a CD which was not the case.” - Bob

"On Saturday night at Sweeney's in Philadelphia, when you performed, I sat with a couple from NJ that watched your show at Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City the night before. They took an Uber to see you in Philly…now I know why!!! Unbelievable performance!" - Nelly

    "Outstanding performance. The Music and stage presence was awesome, very tight!" - Stuart

 "Absolutely fantastic band!!" - Vickey

"You truly put on a GREAT show. I hope you come back soon!" - Denise

"So, I have been waiting to see this band for a year. They were absolutely worth the freaking wait! This is a MUST SEE BAND!" - Natalie

"Absolutely Awesome Concert!! We had a blast and look forward to seeing you guys again!" - Terry

"GO TO THIS CONCERT PEOPLE. I saw this band for the 1st time earlier this month and they ROCK!!" -Ken

      "You guys look phenomenal, sound phenomenal"             - Carie Lynne

"You guys sounded great last night! I thought I was actually watching Petty and his band!" - David

"Pure Petty Band ROCKED this place out tonight! Awesome concert." - Kenneth

"Had a blast!!!!!!  Pure Petty rocked the house!" - Susan

"What was extra cool, is that every little detail of so many songs, that I was waiting to hear, was THERE, and just right. These guys nailed it!" - Kenneth

"Pure Petty we’re great! Very impressive performance!" - David

 "Great show! Not a huge Petty fan. But I might be now! You guys rock!" - Ed

             "We love you guys! Always a great show!"               - The Union Firehouse

"It's like Tom Petty came back from the dead!" - Linda 

"Phenomenal!"  - Nick (LEAD State Fair)

"Phenomenal!"  - Allison (Just Jersey Fest)

"Outstanding group!!!" - Pat

"What a great show. Thanks again!" - Michael 

 "Pure Petty absolutely awesome!! Had a great time!!!"    - Michele

"It was a great show!! Thank you!!" - Debbie 

      "We had a great time and the show was amazing"           - Colleen

"It was outstanding and you all Rocked the House for sure!" - Tonya

"You were fantastic. Such a great show!" - Andrea

"Wow. I thought I was actually listening to Petty!" - Bob

     "We had a GREAT time. You guys were awesome!"          - Michael

"Pure Petty is great" - Jim 

"You guys were awesome!!! - Kimberly